Ghost Ship Media Weekly Report — Dec. 17, 2016



Popular Psychotropic Drug Linked to Boys’ Breast Growth: Lawsuit against Risperdal maker Johnson and Johnson


Scientific American: Psychiatrists Must Consider that Drugs Harm More than Help; prescriptions soar, mental health declines



Terrible Tripling Point for Antibiotic Superbugs in 2017: Factory farming to blame for disease resurgence


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How Last-Resort Antibiotics Wind up on Your Dinner Plate: China’s farming practices are hard to police


Children are 12 times more likely to contract drug-resistant infections in the three months after being prescribed antibiotics.

Children 12 Times More Likely to Get  Superbug Infections After Antibiotics: But 45% of docs prescribe even if they know they won’t work


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First 3-Parent Baby to be Born in Britain in 2017: UK approves 2-mother genetic manipulation IVF



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Mice Live 30% Longer After ‘Reprogamming’: Stem cell technique could ‘reverse’ ageing



Glass, Crack, Broken, Broken GlassShards of Glass in Baby Vaccine: Sanofi refuses to recall contaminated product, FDA doesn’t mind


Girl Left Paralysed in 3 Limbs by HPV Vaccine: ‘It will continue to happen to more girls until they stop.’


Contraceptive Vaccine Considered for Deer Control: Canadian city wants to buy birth control used on wild horses


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New Lyme Vaccine to be Tested on Humans: Trials to begin in UK and Europe



Garissa health CEC Hubie Hussein speaking to the press on wednesday when the fire broke out. Vaccine Depot Burns to the Ground: Supplies and refrigerators torched one week before Kenya polio campaign


Pharma Gave Doc the ‘Best Night of His Life’ to Write Narcotic Prescriptions: Six arrests 





CDC Axes the New Nasal Flu Vaccine in US : It was only 3% effective, so how safe is it?



MUMPS Outbreak in US due to Failing Vaccine




































Led By the Nose: The Nasal Flu Vaccine Was Discontinued in the US. Not so Safe and Effective?

*VIDEO*  ‘Dead’ Girl Breathing Over Ventilator

*VIDEO* Doctors: MMR Vaccine Not Working, Mumps Outbreak in Vaccinated Due to Dangerous New Strain