Celeste McGovern

Celeste McGovern Ghost Ship MediaCeleste McGovern earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Ottawa and completed an internship at the National Journalism Center in Washington D.C. She was a reporter and columnist for The Report weekly news magazines in Canada for more than a decade covering a broad gamut of local, national and international issues. Her regular column for the magazine, “Brave New World,” looked at science and technological developments and their impact on culture.

As a Special Correspondent for Reader’s Digest, Celeste reported on medical news and Canada’s judicial system. She received an in-house award from the magazine and First Place award from the Canadian Periodical Writers’ Association in the category of Investigative Journalism for her reporting on the parole system.

Celeste has also published in-depth reports on internationally-funded population control programming for the Population Research Institute and her work has featured in a variety of media including The Calgary Herald, Citizen Magazine, The National Catholic Register, What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You and Greenmedinfo.com.