Whether or not you choose to put out a Social Media Release, I am quite sure that you want your news to rank well within Google.

In today’s search-centric culture, if you don’t show up on the first or second page of results, it is almost like not being online at all. As Kami Huyse and Geoff Livingston noted during their recent NewComm Forum session, “The 1st page of results on Google may as well be your company’s homepage.”

That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles come into play.

While the SHIFT team has always tried to stay abreast of SEO techniques for publishing client news, like most agencies we wound up with a few in-house experts. It was high time we shared the wealth more broadly internally – and more broadly still, with our fellows in the PR industry.

So here’s the latest PDF from SHIFT Communications, for your copyright-free use. A handy guide to SEO for press releases.

This knowledge was collected and collated from across our internal experts, with additional tips provided by both our friends at the wire services and an outside SEO consultant or two. However, SEO is a complicated business, so, Your Mileage May Vary.

Like the brilliant David Armano of Logic + Emotion, and the inimitable Chris Brogan, I often wonder if I’m giving enough back to the community. So I truly hope you find this stuff useful. (And hey, before ya go, if you do get some value from PR-Squared, don’t forget to subscribe!) Thanks!

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