De Niro, RFK Jr. Offer $100 K to Anyone Who Can Find a Study Showing Mercury in Childhood Vaccines is Safe

Conference at National Press Club implores journalists to defy CDC corruption and pharmaceutical industry control to cover the story of vaccine injury


Calling it the “100 K Challenge,” actor Robert De Niro and environmental lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr. offered $100,000 to anyone who could cite a study showing that thimerosal mercury (the mercury still in many vaccines given to pregnant women and children) is safe to inject into children.

“It’s repeated like a mantra… that mercury is safe that the science proves it’s safe, that the link between mercury and vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders is non-existent,” Kennedy who is president of the board of the Waterkeeper Alliance which defends world waters from industry pollution, told reporters at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. today.

“I want to show you here the studies that the CDC and journalists have said for years don’t exist, “said Kennedy, pointing to a stack of papers. “These are 240 studies, by the best university scientists, by government scientists, by hospital scientists all over the world, that say that mercury is neurotoxic, that it’s causing damage to our children, that when you give it to mice, when you give it to rats, when you give it to hamsters, pheasants, goats, cows, that they develop autism-like symptoms or other neurodevelopmental disorders.

“These studies show that mercury is linked to the cascade of pediatric neurological, neurodevelopmental disorders that began hitting Americans in 1989. The children who were born in 1989 are the sickest generation of children in the history of our country.  CDC says one out of every six of those children has some kind of neurodevelopmental disorder. Forty-three percent of them have a chronic disease, a neurodevelopmental disorder, or a food allergy, asthma, eczema, or juvenile diabetes or an autoimmune disease. This is not normal.”

Toxic fingerprint

Kennedy told the press conference that such an epidemic of disorders cannot be due to genetics but must be caused by exposure to an environmental toxin. “The question journalists ought to be asking instead of just parroting CDC’s safety assurances is, ‘If it’s not the thimerosal in vaccines, then what is the toxin that touched every American demographic in 1989 from humans in Biscayne Bay, Miami to Inuit in Homer, Alaska and that affects boys disproportionately to girls?’ Because the toxic  fingerprint for that is mercury.”

Kennedy said that a host of neurological disorders including ADD, ADHD, OCD, misery disorder, anxiety disorders and autism are all impacting more boys than girls in line with published science demonstrating that mercury is more toxic to boys because of the role of testosterone and the protective action of the hormone estrogen in girls.

Pointing to a smaller stack of papers, Kennedy said, “This pile is 81 studies that link thimerasol exposure to autism.”

“And this is the pile of studies that show thimerosal is safe,” he said, indicating to an empty table. “Zero. Not one.”

So why are we told a different story by the CDC and the press? Kennedy said four independent studies including one by the Inspector General of Health and Human Services found that the Centers for Disease Control which oversees vaccine safety is “a cesspool of corruption.”

As owner of 54 vaccine patents and seller of $4.1 billion of vaccines a year, the people at the CDC who make decisions about vaccine safety and protocol hold stock in vaccines or are otherwise “financially entangled”.

“What we’ve been told is not science”, he said. “It’s more akin to religion. It’s orthodoxy. It can’t be challenged, it’s taboo to talk about and anyone who challenges it has to be harmed, marginalized or called anti-vax.”

Three weeks ago, Kennedy said, he put out a call on his website for mothers to their stories of brain damage following vaccines.

Within 13 hours the website had received 6,100 testimonials from mothers telling the same or similar story. “Like all orthodoxies, it’s cruel, it’s sometimes lethal and its misogynistic that these stories have to be dismissed,” said Kennedy.

$100,000 challenge

“We know that journalists don’t want to look into the science but we are going to offer $100,000 – it’s called the 100 K challenge — to any journalist or anybody else who can point to a single existing study that says that it’s safe to inject mercury into children or pregnant women at the levels that we are currently injecting them in the flu vaccine.”

He said entries would be examined by a panel of independent, high-ranking scientists to decide if a submitted study meets the criteria.

It won’t, he added confidently, because, “The study doesn’t exist.”

Robert De Niro, academy award-winning actor in The Godfather and Raging Bull, who had objected when the documentary, Vaxxed, was pulled from his Tribeca Film Festival last year, said, “I’m here because my son is within the autistic  spectrum…it’s been explained, I think everybody knows the story so I won’t bore you with it again.

“I thought what Bobby said was great. It was eloquently said. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I agree with him 100 percent.”

Other speakers at the press conference included Criminal District Attorney for Bexar Country, Texas, Nicholas LaHood, who has two vaccine-injured children including a son who became autistic.

“The representative of justice in all of America and not just in Texas is Lady Justice and one of the distinguishing characteristics of Lady Justice is she wears a blindfold,” said LaHood. “We are to wear the blindfold like Lady Justice and follow the evidence wherever it leads us and not where we lead ourselves.”

Del Bigtree, who quit the daytime television show, The Doctors, to produce the 2016 documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe about CDC whistleblower William Thompson, also spoke.

Thompson is a top CDC scientist who contacted Brian Hooker, a bioengineer professor at Simpson University and the father of an autistic child, over 40 phone calls in 2013 and 2014. Thompson leaked Hooker thousands of pages of data showing that he and other top researchers had colluded to obscure and then shredded data which showed a link between autism and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. “Oh my God, I can’t believe we did what we did,” Thompson confessed to Hooker in one taped telephone call.

The Thompson tapes are the basis of  Bigtree’s Vaxxed film made with Andrew Wakefield, the gastroenterologist who was stripped of his licence to practice medicine in the U.K. in the late 1990s when his research first tied autism to the MMR vaccine and who has become a symbol of what happens to those who defy the system.

The documentary has been criticized and ignored by mainstream media and the Thompson whistle-blower story has been completely blacked out.

“Nobody cares about a top scientist for the most important health agency in the world coming forward and saying we’ve committed scientific fraud? What has happened to us?” Bigtree asked. “Why am I the only one that leaves a job because I refuse to have television tell me we can’t cover stories about innocent children being ruined and damaged?”

“At the heart, the foundation of media — the same heart and foundation of science — is one single idea: We must never stop asking questions,” said Bigtree.

“Thomas Jefferson said to us if we lose a free press, a press that can challenge the government, can challenge the tyranny of industry, hold their feet to the fire, then we will lose our freedom and we  will lose the United states of America,” said Bigtree.

Producer Del Bigtree

Bigtree criticized the media which is sometimes called “the Fourth Estate” for letting “the pharmaceutical industry buy our advertising and control what we say.”

Journalists have a duty to investigate how the government can say that vaccines are safe while paying damages to children who have been injured by the drugs. “How can we say that vaccines are safe when we pay $3.3 billion?” he said.

“We are lying to the public. They believe we have a free press. They believe we are telling the truth. They believe we will cover a story when a top scientist says, ‘We have lied to the American people’.

“We have a rise in childhood illness like we’ve never seen. Autism now at one in 45 up from one in 10,000.  Asthma in every classroom, anaphylactic food allergies, diabetes, eczema, the list goes on and on. That is not the classroom I grew up in,” said Bigtree.

“We have got to stop saying, ‘Our children are so safe because of vaccines.’ Our children are sick…This is the first generation of children that we believe will not live to be as old as their parents. Isn’t that enough questions for the media?”

Vaccine safety commission

Kennedy took questions from reporters about the vaccine safety commission he was reported in January to have been asked to chair by President Donald Trump.

“Not a single child has died in America from measles in a decade, yet there have been 69 children that have died from the measles vaccine. Is that acceptable?” he asked.

RFK said President Trump had told him in early January that he knew many people who believed their children were injured by vaccines. “He wanted to make sure we had the safest vaccines and we had a regulatory process with integrity.”

“I’ve been contacted three times by the administration since, and they tell me they’re still going forward with a commission,” Kennedy told the press conference. “All I can say is to tell you what the President told me. He specifically told met hat he knew that the pharmaceutical industry was going to cause an uproar about this and was trying to make them back down and he said, ‘I’m not going to back down. They tried during the campaign. And I’m not going to back down now.’

“And I will be here fighting for this issue whatever happens,” concluded Kennedy.

The video of  the press conference can be viewed at the World Mercury Project website or on Ghost Ship Media’s facebook page:

By Celeste McGovern