Staff Turned Up the Radio to Drown Women’s Cries — Flushed Human Remains Down the Toilet

A whistle-blower describes  multiple abuses at a foreign-aid funded Marie Stopes International “family-planning” clinic.

LONDON — Britain’s second-largest abortion provider is accused of being a tax-funded backstreet abortionist to women in the developing world. A former manager of a Marie Stopes International (MSI) family-planning clinic, operating in Uganda, has alleged women and girls underwent painful illegal abortions by non-medical practitioners using handheld vacuum aspirators.

In a YouTube video released by a British organization called Culture of Life Africa, Desire Kirabo — a woman identified as a former manager in a MSI clinic in Hoima, Uganda, where abortion is illegal — claimed abortions were the mainstay of services offered at the busy facility, funded by American and British humanitarian aid agencies.

Kirabo said the procedures were performed sometimes on minors and sometimes on unborn babies in the second trimester of pregnancy by a “manual vacuum aspirator” — a tool approved by the World Health Organization for abortions of babies up to 12 weeks of age.

“It’s a very painful procedure, by the way,” Kirabo told the interviewer, Nigerian-born British pro-life activistObianuju Ekeocha. “They cry. They scream out loud.”

According to Ekeocha, Kirabo is a nurse who was hired by MSI in 2011, believing the facility was a family-planning clinic.

But she was asked to do abortions and refused, eventually being fired from the clinic in 2013.

Kirabo said clients were taken into an “abortion room,” where a staff member called a “clinic officer” or a “medical assistant,” who was not a doctor, would perform the procedure, while a nurse would speak to the patient to distract her from pain as a loud radio played in the background. “As the girl continues to cry and shout, the radio is increased so it distracts the outside from the inside.”

Asked what was done with the fetal remains, Kirabo said, “They’re disposed of. Before 14 weeks: flushed in toilet. After 14 weeks: pit latrine.”

She added that sometimes abortions were done as late as five and six months into pregnancy.

Global Tax Funding

As the second-largest abortion provider in Britain, Marie Stopes performs more than 70,000 abortions each year in the United Kingdom.

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