New Medical Textbook: Vaccines Do Kill and Maim

Casualties in the War: New Research and a Medical Textbook Confirm Vaccines Do Have a Dark Side

Top Doctors review the published literature on vaccines and autoimmune disease and discuss the mechanisms of harm. When billions of people take them, year upon year, even remote risks translate into huge numbers.


Call it the Great Vaccine Blitz. In the past six months legislators have bombarded state capitals with new bills  — more than 65 of them in 25 states – which could prove to radically transform notions of religious freedom, medical consent and American liberty.  They are not all identical – they seek to do away with religious exemptions to vaccines, to expand adult vaccination, to mandate new vaccines, to identify and detain dissenters to public health policy – but they all serve the profit interests of the Big Pharma Public Health conglomerate.  Senate Bill 277 which marched through California’s state assembly and was signed into law last month is just one that overrides parents’ personal beliefs and will force them to have their children injected with the full roster of shots before nursery school — 49 doses of government mandated vaccines by kindergarten.

The mainstream media has driven this legislative blitz. They whipped up panic about a run-of-the-mill non-epidemic of a non-life threatening spate of measles at Disneyland, cast dissenters as terrorists par ISIS, threatened them with job loss and imprisonment, and failed to report salient facts — such as that drug companies doled out millions to lawmakers in the past year leading up to the Blitz and legislators like Richard Pan who underwrote the California bill forked in $95,000. And that the World Health Organization and its labyrinth of Bill and Melinda Gates-funded vaccine promoters are cheerfully predicting the global vaccine market to soar from the current $25 billion a year to $100 billion by 2025. Nothing to report? Throughout the blitzkrieg Big Media have stoked fear and stifled dissent, all while reciting the “safe and effective” vaccine mantra like they were in a pharmaceutically-induced trance….


No Dark Side

But journalists have to be careful these days. Like those two reporters at the Toronto Star who obviously missed a memo and interviewed mothers whose daughters fell ill after getting the Gardasil vaccine against HPV, including one girl who drowned mysteriously in the bathtub without medical explanation two weeks after the shot. Before they could say “vaccines are safe and effective,” health “experts” piled on the reporters like a pack of Rottweilers.

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