Wait, Did the MSM Just Say, “Shady Vaccine Trial”?

  While the mainstream media howls about Peter Thiel’s vaccine investment, FDA-approved  vaccine trials use poor black babies as test subjects, thumbprints for ‘consent’ and hide negative results By Celeste McGovern   It is very rare for the mainstream media to critically report on questionable activity by the pharmaceutical industry and especially by vaccine manufacturers, […]

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Profile of a ‘Passionate Vaccine Advocate’

By Celeste McGovern Meet David Hawkes, a classical modern Skeptic with a capital-S. He belongs to a small tribe of self-appointed defenders of medical pharmaceutical orthodoxy. Skeptics wage war on things like naturopathy, the use of homeopathic medicine and chiropractors which they see as a threat to health. “Dr. Dave” as he calls himself, has […]

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Government Uses Census Data and Google Maps Places to ‘Geo-Locate” Ant-Vaccine Tweeters


image credit: howtostartablogonline.net   Social scientists and data analysts: Why not just ask parents who don’t vaccinate what they believe? Or read the vaccine damage claims? By Celeste McGovern   Would it make you feel safer to know that your government is monitoring social media for your views on vaccines?  Studying us all like lab rats […]

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