About Eric Ranger

Eric is the proud father of two unvaccinated children, with another one on the way, and husband to a wonderfully supportive, vaccine-educated wife.  Eric is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and served five years as a Naval Officer, including two deployments.  He qualified as a Nuclear Propulsion Engineering Officer in the summer of 2009.  After resigning his commission shortly thereafter, Eric has spent 10 years in the commercial HVAC industry in sales and business development positions.  Eric has a master’s degree in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University.
Eric suffered an adverse reaction to the smallpox vaccine that was administered at the beginning of his second deployment.  Eric lived with the condition for several years, never once thinking that a vaccine was the cause.  Almost a decade later, Eric discovered that the vaccine was significantly associated with this particular adverse reaction, per the manufacturer’s package insert, but the ship’s doctor was clueless and his condition was never reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.
Eric never questioned the safety or effectiveness of vaccines until his wife’s first pregnancy in 2015.  Since that time, Eric has spent more than 1,000 hours researching the topic and has written much on the subject.  Eric would like to credit his wife, Lydia Ranger, for first questioning the MMR II vaccine’s package insert with respect to its contraindications for immunosuppressed populations.  He wrote this article to honor her amazing find, which was made during preparation for testimony to oppose mandatory vaccines in their state’s legislature.
Eric and Lydia knew they were on the right track with their decision to not vaccinate when their first-born could speak over 200 words at the age of 15 months.  They are grateful to those willing to sacrifice so much more (e.g. pensions, licenses) to spread the truth on this critical subject.  Eric deeply empathizes with the pain and suffering of families afflicted by harm from vaccines.  Prevention of such harm in the future is what motivates Eric and Lydia to help spread the truth.