Charlie Gard, Medical Freedom, RIP

The 11-month-old baby at the heart of a bitter dispute between parents and doctors over his treatment, died Friday.
Not only did British baby Charlie Gard’s parents lose their long ordeal of repeated court battles to try to save their child with treatments offered by willing doctors in the US and Italy, but they were refused even the right to take him home to die.
“Our beautiful little boy has gone, we’re so proud of him,” his mother, Connie Yates,  said in a statement.
Yates was clearly battered by the ordeal she and the father of her baby, Chris Gard, have been forced to undergo.  They fought devotedly and desperately against an intransigent and tyrannical system to give Charlie his only slim chance of survival. They cried in disbelief in court after court that had refused them to use their own money — more than $2 million given in public donations of support  –to take their son to try a treatment that had saved the lives of other children with a similar disorder. They had pleaded and shouted in frustration at the judge who sealed Charlie’s fate and imperiously dashed their only hope.
Katie Gollop QC, who led the London hospital Great Ormond Street’s legal team in the drawn-out fiasco, described the case as “sad”, but not “exceptional”.
That is true. Doctors and hospital bureaucrats routinely make decisions that violate patient rights and parental autonomy. They have just never faced the grit resistance of these parents, a public forum and tremendous financial help, a huge faction of medical doctors on their side and a groundswell of international public support from millions that included the Pope and the President of the United States.
That Charlie had all of these things and still died without the chance his parents were seeking is a terrible testimony to personal freedom today.
Parents, like those of Ashya King, who seek to protect their children from the documented dangers of toxic mainstream medicine and seek more promising protocols, are hunted down like war criminals — even when the therapy saves their child.
Parents, like the mother of Jahi McMath who five hospital doctors declared brain dead so the vultures could “harvest” her organs while her heart was still beating, have been proven wrong: Jahi is the first person in medical history to be dead and move her limbs on command, but the doctors and ethicists who issued her death certificate are unrepentant.
Elderly patients routinely have their deaths hastened by the use of potent drug cocktails and the withdrawal of basic water and nutrition. They die parched by thirst and deluded by drugs, hidden away in systems with Brave New World names like the “Liverpool Care Pathway.”
Vaccine mandates that force children to receive 50 doses of 15 vaccines before kindergarten are clearly driven by corporate interests that continue to expand year on year.  Doctors who promote vaccine mandates are merely promoting corporate interests and parents who know this and resist are subject to the kind of system that let Charlie Gard die without a chance. 
Charlie Gard should make us question why we are here? Why have we handed authority to a medical system that leaves thousands of patients to die of thirst and hunger?
Why do we allow doctors to violate the Nuremberg Code daily and forcibly detain patients against their will? More than 40 percent of patient’s in Great Britain’s psychiatric hospitals and being “cared for” under duress.
Why do we continue to defer to doctors who ignore the explosion of autism  — brain damage in more than one in 65 children today — treated as some great medical mystery while they refuse to hear the voices of tens of thousands of parents who witnessed their children regress into autism after a vaccine?
Why do we continue to pay worship to a profession whose own members compare it to organized crime on the pharmaceutical industry payroll? Their drugs are the third leading cause of death and kill 200,000 people every year  — half of whom are doing exactly what their doctor told them to do and die from drug side effects the other half die from medical mistakes.
Why have we continually allowed our parental and medical rights to be trampled by people who will not live with the results of their prescriptions. Why have we surrendered to this barbaric system without so much as a whimper of protest?
Charlie Gard’s death is more than “sad.” It is more than the tragedy of an infant dying in a modern hospital in the 21st century. It is bigger than the enormous grief of his parents.
The death of little baby Charlie represents an enormous loss for our culture and our world. Medical freedom is dead and we have not even marked its passing.
Celeste McGovern